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Ascension Orgonites - Deposit for Custom Orders

Ascension Orgonites - Deposit for Custom Orders

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Would you like to request a Custom Piece? 

Absolutely! I have made tons of custom pieces and I always love creating something new. If you are interested in a custom order, please send me an email so we can go over the options and what is needed. Here are a few ideas on what to think about when asking for a custom piece:

- What size (Small 3" - Medium 4" - Large - 5" - Largest 6") Hexagonal pyramids are also available.
- Price Range or Budget
- Overall Color or Colors
- What stone (I currently have a big selection, email me for more details) If you want a different one, I can research to get it, but there will be an extra fee depending on what stone. 
- What secondary color (Silver, Gold?)
- What Metal - Aluminum, Brass or Copper
- What intention, what would you like your pyramid to help with? 
- What symbol, if any, like the tree of life, tetrahedron, Merkabah, flower of life, seed of life, etc.

Please note that the deposit is required in order to ensure that the piece will be purchased when ready and it will count towards the overall price of the pyramid. As always, I am available to answer ANY questions via email on the "Contact Us" section of the website.
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