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Clearing Orgonite Charging Plate - EMF Protector - White Quartz, White Milky Quartz, Howlite and Moonstone with Brass Metals

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This Beautiful Charging Plate is made of White Quartz, White Milky Quartz, Howlite and Moonstone with Brass Metals. It is handmade with love and light and in the highest frequency possible! It is unique in every way, there is no other one like it, so please bare in mind when you order, yours might not look exactly like it but very similar! The plate is 9" in diameter and about 1/2" in thickness.

***Please note that in some cases, you might have a wait time of 2-3 weeks before you receive your piece. This is due to the volume of orders. If you need information as to where your order is in the process, please send me a message and I will be more than glad to give you an update! Thank you so much for your patience***

Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana.

The Charging Plates are made up of Positive ions and produces positive energies to any objects which are placed on it.. It helps in purifying the environment and creates a positive atmosphere around you. Orgone Charging Plates help to harmonize and charge food or water, they help discharges the negative energy that balances or neutralize the effect of EMF. It protects the human body from harmful radiations caused due to technologies like 4G, 5G and other smart devices like TV, Smart Phone, Microwave, Radiowaves, etc.

Resin is a very difficult medium to master. Some pieces will have cracks or bubbles and this is totally normal to the process and unfortunately, not something we can control. This is not a valid reason for a return or exchange.
Good news though! They absolutely do not alter the functionality of the Orgonite or Piece and it will work just the same. Thank you for understanding!