Collection: Silver & Precious Metals Jewelry


Meet the Artist: Tammy Muller

Discover unique handmade jewelry! Each piece tells a story and captures the essence of creativity. No two are the same!

Each piece in our collection was handmade by the Artist Tammy Muller, a long time resident of Haida Gwaii, drawing inspiration from the incredible natural beauty abundant in the island.

Crafted from Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, 14k Gold fill and Semi Precious Stones, our jewelry exudes timeless elegance and unparalleled quality. Every design is carefully curated, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and profound symbolism of the Haida Gwaii landscape. From intricate totemic motifs to delicate nature-inspired patterns, each piece tells a story of tradition, reverence, and connection to the land.

“I like bringing multiple textures, mixed metals and aesthetics into each piece I create” she says. Through trial and error a work of art emerges, and when it doesn’t, she simply begins again.

Imagination, intuition, and specialized skills like soldering & riveting enable strong connections between two metals. “Some days will be soldering days and some days will not be. It doesn’t always work”, she states about the challenge of soldering. “It’s an intuitive organic process” she concludes.

We hope you love these beautiful pieces. Thank you for supporting a Small Business!